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Amanda Mac Kenzie
Let a UK journalist take care of your editorial copy, and you can be confident your message will be readily understood by an English-speaking audience.

With judgement and an eye for the angle, we go beyond ‘straight’ translation to identify what’s important, and make it stand out in a style that engages the reader.

Media kits, press releases

Fact: the French and UK media are different - in style and in content. What appeals to an editor “over here” may fall on deaf ears “over there”. So, if you want to appeal to a publication on the English side of the Channel, it makes sense to fine-tune your approach.
That’s where we can help. We turn out clean, snappy copy that’s devoid of fluff and nonsense. And, of course, you can depend on it being in impeccably accurate English every time.

Other services

• Website content, newsletters

• articles, advertising features

• Documentation…

Media Relations

Amanda Mac Kenzie


Start by telling us as much as much as you can, as soon as you can; be prepared to bring us on board as partners. Give us any material that will help us tune in to your house image, your objectives and what makes your product or service different.
Who is your target audience? What do you want them to tell them and in what tone of voice? What’s your key selling point?...

Once we’ve got to grips with the brief, we’ll produce a media plan based on goals that are desirable and achievable. We’ll identify those media titles that best match your needs and your product. Having confirmed with you the scope, timings and terms, we’ll deliver copy that conveys your image faithfully - and in words that are calculated to chime with a UK audience.

Remember when France was enough? Now more and more companies are opening up to the potential markets that lie beyond their borders. The UK is an obvious example.

If this market is part of your strategy, media relations can play a highly effective role in increasing your credibility and attracting new clients.
The good news is that UK editors are continually on the lookout for promising material ... albeit among the mass of press releases that hit in their in-trays every day.

Our role

It’s our business to enable your message stand out from the pile. We do that by giving editors material that fits their needs and writing it in a language that speaks to their readership. Bridging two cultures, we’ll help raise your profile, bringing you closer to your target audience. That way, you can engage with them and respond more effectively.


Amanda Mac Kenzie
Good translation is more than just words. It’s about conveying ideas seamlessly within a different framework of logic, all the while staying true to the detail and spirit.

We’re sticklers for detail, but we also have a keen eye for the bigger picture. That dual approach is what helps us communicate your core message, your strengths and values, without ever losing sight of the readers you want to reach.

Amanda MacKenzie

Amanda Mac Kenzie
A former press officer in the UK, Amanda Mackenzie is experienced in conveying complex information to a public audience.

Has written many articles for daily newspapers and magazines the Press & Journal, TheFrenchPaper, Food & Travel, France Today, Where, Antiques & Collectables ...

Permanent writer and hotel reviewer for the US niche magazine, Paris Notes. Specialises in producing themed feature supplements.

Teaches at two journalism schools in Paris, the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme and Institut Supérieur de Formation au Journalisme.

An English and French graduate of Stirling and Aberdeen universities, she is bilingual and based in Paris.

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